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Blog Title: What is air sweep method of duct cleaning?
What is air sweep method of duct cleaning?
Category: Commercial Hvac Heating And Cooling Post By: Jalen Dyke (Newark, NJ), 09/13/2016

This uses a powerful vacuum with a large-diameter vacuum. This creates a negative pressure in the duct that sucks out the debris. The ducts are sealed and the vacuum is attached to it. The blast of compressed air forces the dirt, dust, and other contaminants into the main trunk line. The equipment used in this process is quite costly, as result charges for cleaning with power vacuum is more. They should be handled by trained professionals to avoid mishaps. The process can spruce the ducts well and keep it clean for longer. It can remove foul odors from the ducts as well.

- Arabelle Atkins (Sacramento, CA), 09/15/2016
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