Benefits Of Solar Air Conditioners

Solar air conditioners are an energy efficient alternative method of cooling your homes. It is considered the most efficient and cost effective means of air conditioning and space heating. There are several benefits associated with solar air conditioners. However, before we delve into the numerous advantages of this energy efficient air conditioning method, we will first need to understand the working mechanism of these solar air conditioners.

A solar air conditioner uses a solar panel and not electricity unlike conventional air conditioners to super heat the refrigerant. The super heated high pressure gas in turn passes to the condenser, the evaporator and finally to the solar compressor. When the working fluid of the solar air conditioner leaves the condenser its temperature is far lower and it has changed to a liquid state from a gaseous state. And when the working fluid leaves the evaporator, it is a cool low pressure gas. Finally the working fluid gets back to the solar panel to begin its cycle all over again. The major difference between solar air conditioners and conventional air conditioners is that the latter uses the compressor to increase the pressure on the gas while the solar air conditioners use the solar heat directly from the sun to super heat the refrigerant and directly delivers it to the condenser. As a result the compressor works less.

Let us now have a look at the many benefits of solar air conditioning.

The most important benefit associated with solar air conditioners is that they are cost effective. The main source of energy in case of a solar air conditioner is the sun. Thus, there is no unnecessary usage of electricity when it comes to solar air conditioners. With the help of solar air conditioners consumers can generate free power without having to depend on the central grid. The result is lower electricity bills. They are harnessing power from a free source that is the sun.

Another very significant benefit of solar air conditioners is reduced carbon emissions. This is because unlike coal or thermal power there are no carbon emissions from solar powered air conditioners. Hence, it can be said that solar air conditioners are environment friendly way of cooling your homes.

The raw material required for solar air conditioners is freely available and there is no need to pay to acquire it. Thus, it is also a cost effective means of cooling your homes.

Solar air conditioners require far less maintenance than the conventional air conditioners. Moreover with solar air conditioners consumers need not depend on the whims and fancies of the electricity grid to cool their homes.

Another interesting benefit of solar powered air conditioning is that it can reach even to the remotest of places where power grid has not yet found its way. It is an independent source and so you can have an air conditioning unit in any place you want.

However, the bad news is in spite of its many advantages, solar air conditioners are not commonly used by people yet and that is the result these air conditioners are still more expensive than the conventional ones. People need to be more aware and switch to solar powered air conditioners.



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