Four Tips For Furnace Repair

The winter weather does not sign off altogether with the onset of spring. The chillness and dryness in the air is still felt. It is not time yet to pack your furnace altogether. You need to keep it on for quite some time throughout the day and mostly at night. The furnace has been serving you continuously for almost last two to three months. It is not unusual for it to start huffing and puffing out of exhaustion. You do not have to run to servicing professional for every small issue. You can repair certain things about the furnace at home also. Here are some tips to do so.

Is the thermostat set to heat?

Sometimes we are so busy with our daily lives that we often forget to crank up the thermostat in heating mode. Consequently it is set down in cooling mode, the house is not being heated, and you panic for a technician to come to your assistance. The solution is quite simple, jut set it at higher temperature. If this does not solve it then check the batteries of the thermostat. Change them if they have run out. Sometimes there could be a loose connection at the terminals. Check and tighten them. Make sure that your thermostat is not guarded by any other object which is preventing it to sample the room air.

Is the power is reaching the furnace?

If the thermostat screen is completely black, check the main switch of the furnace. See if it is pulled up in ‘on’ position. If it was off, turn it on. Wait for some time to allow it heat the house.

Are the filters clean?

Dirty filter can be wreaking havoc on the performance of the furnace. Bunged filter restricts the flow of air which reduces the output of the gadget. They can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and cause you and your loved ones to become sick. Change your filter to keep both your furnace and your family healthy.

Is the circuit breaker off?

If the furnace is not working at all, you should also check the circuit breaker. It is the breaker that controls the furnace. Check if it is ‘off’ or in middle position. If it is in middle position, turn it off and then again move it to ‘on’ position.

Are burners and valves working well?

If you have a gas furnace, check if the valve is opening to allow the fuel to reach the burner. In case they aren’t, they need to be repaired or replaced. Check the burner for misalignment. Burners could also get clogged with dirt and debris that will prevent them from working. You can clean them with a brush and soap water.

Are the thermoplastic working well?

These are parts of the furnace that sense the flame. With long and incessant use they can become decalibrated or inhomogeneous which can impact the outcome of the process. This happens when the wires of the thermocouple become chemically attacked that change the wire composition, mechanical properties of the material. As a result they cannot read temperatures properly. The best way to detect a defective thermocouple is to keep a new one beside it. You will notice a difference in temperature reading which will tell that the old one is better replaced.

Is the pilot light working fine?

Check if the pilot light is giving out a blue flame. If the flame is frail yellow then you should stop your furnace and call a technician. Yellow flame is a sign of carbon monoxide leakage.

Is the drafting fine?

All household appliances that carry out combustion for operation need proper venting to send the exhaust gases outside the house. After the combustion, the warm combustion gases rise in the flue and go out. These exhaust gases instead of going up the flue to find their way into the surrounding can come down and reach your living space. This is called back drafting. This happens if the air pressure in the room is quite lower relative to the air pressure where the flue terminates outside.

If this is happening, call a technician immediately. The exhaust gases contain an array of greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and others. Their inhalation could be lethal.



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