How Often Do I Need Gas Furnace Service?

An annual tune of the furnace saves you lots of headaches. It also helps you to avoid costly repair bills that are generated by premature malfunctioning or breakdown of furnaces. If you have a heater in the house that runs on combustion process then it is always recommended to get it serviced once a year. This is also for safety issue. Such appliances are prone to back drafting. The exhaust air of combustion is supposed to go out of the house through the flue. Instead of it if they climb down the pipes to reach your rooms, then it can cause serious health issues The exhaust gases contain CO (Carbon Monoxide) which is an odorless and colorless gas and therefore hard to detect. But CO exposure can amount to death as well.

Annual servicing also keeps your furnace at the peak of its efficiency. Tit will consume less of energy to deliver the output. This will lighten your utility bills. May manufacturers require annual servicing of the furnace for validity of the warranties they give on their product. Furnaces should be serviced once a year. Furnaces are generally tuned up in autumn just before winter. This is done to brace the unit up for heating your house during chilly cold days and nights. Autumnal tune-ups of furnace also avail you good discounts. Autumn being a mild month of business in HVAC industry, the contractors offer discounts to boost sale and marketing. You will easily avail a good contractor to tune up the furnace as they are not so busy in these off seasons.

A furnace tune up includes-

• Inspecting and adjusting the thermostat
• Check and clean safety controls
• Clean and tune up the pilot assembly
• Adjust a misaligned burner and clean it in case it is infested with dust and debris
• Check for gas leaks
• Inspect the flue pipe and the draft diverter
• Check if the filters are dirty and change them if required
• Check for fumes
• Inspect if the furnace cycle is perfect
• Generate a report and come up with suggestions





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