How To Choose A Contractor For Furnace Installation And Repair?

When you buy a new furnace for the house, your job does not end with buying it. You have to find an expert contractor to install it as well. The same goes for servicing a furnace too. It should be in the safest hands. Proper installation and maintenance is needed for the equipment to operate in one piece and at maximum efficiency. How to hire an expert contractor? Well, here are some tips to do so.

• If you are already acquainted with a reputed heating and air conditioning contractor, the do not look out for a new company. Stick to them. If you do not know any one, ask friends and relatives in the same locality for reliable names.

• Hire a company who belong to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) or the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA). You can visit their website to look at the listing of contractors in your area. Also when you select a company, ask them if they have technicians certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE).

• Never hire a contractor who wold give you an estimate over the phone. A good contractor should come to your house, look at the job that is to be done and give you an estimate with appropriate break ups such as price of the equipment to be installed, the labor costs, etc.

• Always know the years of experience of the contractor. The company may be a new one but may have experienced technicians on its pay roll. They should have lots of experience installing, repairing and maintaining different makes of furnaces.

• Remember, well trained contractor would always ask you to buy the latest design in furnaces. The not-so-good companies will not have employees who are abreast with the latest technology. They may not be eager about a new and better design as they can’t install or service them.

• A good contractor would give the correct size for your furnace by surveying your home and doing a heat-load calculation. They would ask you about past heating problems, you have had with the old equipment. They will ensure that you do not encounter them with the new unit. They will also give you a rough estimate of annual operating costs for the new equipment they recommend for your home.

• Always contact a couple of contractors. Do not fall prey to the lowest price. Good contractors may charge more, but will provide proportionate service too. Ensure that they have insurance and offer routine services and customary warranties.

• Trustworthy contractors would be professional and courteous. They should have a website, an office, or an outlet. These physical presences indicate that they are in business and intend to remain in business.

• Always look, for past customer’s feedback, about the company online. Or ask for past referrals from them. You can also visit the official Better Business Bureau website. You will know their ranking and also know if there are customer grievances about them.



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