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Solar-Infra Systems Solar Thermal Air Heater



This is a supplementary heat system in residential dwellings. Using the sun’s infrared rays and convection, this heater reduces energy cost by adding to the existing building heat system during daylight hours. Simply place or hang in the interior of a south facing window. The Solar Heater is a compact 20 in. wide, only 48 in. tall and a slender 2 in. deep. Made with safety in mind with fire proof polycarbonate. A 72CFM solar powered fan provides air circulation to distribute the heat and reduce humidity. The performance is equivalent to a 150 – 500-Watt electric heater depending on sunshine and type of window glass. Thermo pane windows adversely effect the performance as they block a portion of the infrared energy. For this reason we recommend this model primarily for single pane window applications. For double pane windows we recommend the 50MM series (#SIS50M2448) which also preforms well under cloudy conditions. Also the perfect heating source for partially occupied spaces: cottage, workshop, garage, animal shelter, green house, boat, RV etc.

  • Free heat is provided by the sun for at least 20 years
  • Zero carbon footprint, a green product that does not consume fossil fuels, only the sun’s energy
  • Solar powered 50,000 hour fan provides air circulation and reduces mildew
  • Translucent – 50% of the natural light still passes through into the room
  • A 7-Watt mono crystal P/V panel powers the convection air and allows some performance under cloudy conditions
  • Portable – simply stands or mounts on the inside of a south facing window
  • Recommended for single pane applications; for double pane specify 50MM series (SIS50M2448)
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