Ways To Improve Ventilation?

Proper ventilation is an integral factor to maintain the indoor air quality within a building. Thus, homeowners should pay special attention towards ventilation and put in an effort to improve ventilation within the home. However, before we get to know the different ways of improving ventilation within a house and its importance, we should have a clear idea about the concept of ventilation. By definition, ventilation is an intentional introduction of outside air into a space. Basically, ventilation is a way of controlling indoor air quality by diluting and displacing the various kinds of pollutants that are present in the internal air. Ventilation can be of two types that is the mechanical ventilation and the natural ventilation.

When it comes to improving ventilation in a household, the most important aspect is to strike the right balance which means air should be allowed to travel in and out of the building without any hindrance. There are several ways of improving ventilation in a property. Let us have a look at some of the ways that will help in improving the ventilation of a house and which in turn will make the indoor air quality better.

In order to improve ventilation in your home both interior and structural ventilation are important. One must keep in mind that in a house; kitchen, bathrooms and laundries are the greatest source for moisture, odors, and other kinds of indoor pollutants. Hence, it is mandatory that a house has three most important exhaust units. This includes an exterior-venting range hood and exhaust fans in the bathroom and laundry. However, just having exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom is not enough. One should keep it operational while using those spaces. However, one must keep in mind that the doors of the rooms where the exhaust fans are operational must be kept closed so that the cold air stays restricted to that particular room and at the same time the steamy air does not cause condensation in the rest of the room.

It needs to be mentioned here that just installation and operation of the exhaust fans are not enough to maintain the ventilation of your home, it is important that these exhaust fans are properly maintained. For example, the grilles and the fan blades of the exhaust fans installed in the kitchen should be cleaned twice a year. Similarly, even exhaust fans of the bathroom also need a regular maintenance in order to keep away moisture and bad odor.

Along with internal ventilation, structural ventilation also plays an important role in maintaining the air quality within the homes. For instance, in order to keep heat and moisture from taking a toll on your household, it is recommended that one should have proper ventilation in the attic and the crawlspace. Even the basement of a house needs ventilation. However, one should stay away from adding structural ventilation in a property all by himself, rather a professional needs to be called in for the service.




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